Monday, November 27, 2006

Tax Seminar

A seminar was held last week at the Hilton Hotel in Durban to outline a few of the changes that have been made to the tax system in SA.
Mc Naught and Company was there to make sure that we remain abreast of the latest changes and happenings.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Conveyancing Specialists

Mc Naught and Company are conveyancing specialists - in other words we don't do divorces, debt collections or litigation and our firm's focus is on conveyancing only - making sure that all staff members working lives are dedicated to ensuring better turn-around times and attention to detail with transfers and bond registrations.
We are also property development attorneys and regularly open sectional title registers, extensions to existing sectional schemes and re-arrangement of the mortgage bonds on properties being developed. Our full-service package includes preparation of specialised sales agreements for development launches as well as on-site assistence to sales agents and developers at the launch.

Rates Clearance moving in the Right Direction

Great news is that progress is being made by the various institutions campaigning for rates clearance certificates to be issued electronically. This has been sparked by conveyancers and sellers / buyers being increasingly frustrated by the time it takes for council to issue and return rates clearance.
Should they be successful in this campaign it will shave about a week off the transfer time, making us even faster!
We will keep you updated as progress is made...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pest and Electrical Clearances needed

Standard Bank home loans department require our compliance packs to be sent to the bank on lodgment of mortgage bonds in the Deeds Office. Previously it was our duty as conveyancers to ensure these certificates were in place by registration. The bank's requirement that these be sent to them at least 10 days earlier means that we need these certificates and any repairs to be organised by the Agent handling the sale as soon as possible. Any delay with regard to electrical repairs or pest treatment means that the lodgment of the transfer and bond in the Deeds Office will have to be held up pending compliance to the bank's satisfaction.