Wednesday, December 16, 2015

End of year function

Dave (left) with Leanne (Toti) Mark and Shivani (Toti)

Christine (Bluff, left), Melissa (Bluff), Eugene and Leanne (Toti) and Mark

Shivani (Toti), Sheena and Jay (Bluff)

Reena (Toti) and Molly (Dave's mom, Bluff)

Dave had the delicious lamb roll with mash and veg - superb meal at Havana Grill

Christine, Melissa and Eugene

Son gets married

Mc Naught and Company partner Dave Mc Naught's son was married to Lisa this weekend. Mark and Lisa's wedding took place at the Secret Garden near Pietermaritzburg. The strange thing is that law partner Mark Leathers is also married to a Lisa. So that makes two Mark and Lisa couples. :-)

Signing the register at the wedding with the moms as witnesses

Singing their first hymn as a married couple

Dave with his daughter Kate, a bridesmaid at the wedding

Dave and his boys and girl

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Alien and Invasive Plant regulations

Whilst most people believe the Jacaranda tree is indigenous to South Africa, it was in fact introduced to Pretoria in 1880 via import from Argentina.
Pretoria Jacaranda's
Well in order to determine precisely which plants in our properties are alien or invasive species, new regulations require that a purchaser is made aware of which plants on the property they are buying are listed as alien or invasive and made aware of the fact that certain plants need to re eradicated and others need to have a permit applied for.

We will keep you updated on contact details for inspection officers who can assist in these clearances and declarations, but in the meanwhile advise that all sale agreements be amended to include an example clause as follows:

"(a) In terms of the NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: BIODIVERSITY ACT 2004 (ACT NO. 10 OF 2004) ALIEN AND INVASIVE SPECIES REGULATIONS, 2014, The Seller declares that to the best of his knowledge there are no Invasive Alien Species, as per the National register of alien and listed invasive species, present on the property.

* (b) In terms of the NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: BIODIVERSITY ACT 2004 (ACT NO. 10 OF 2004) ALIEN AND INVASIVE SPECIES REGULATIONS, 2014, The Seller declares that the following listed alien invasive species are present on the property:


* (c) The Purchaser understands that he must apply for a permit with regards all Category 2 Alien Invasive Species in his own name in terms of the NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: BIODIVERSITY ACT 2004 (ACT NO. 10 OF 2004) ALIEN AND INVASIVE SPECIES REGULATIONS, 2014 once the property has been transferred.
(*Delete what is not applicable)

(d) The purchaser acknowledges that he has acquainted himself with the extent and nature of the property and accepts the property as such, including the vegetation on the property."

Once an inspection has been done by an expert, furnishing that to the purchaser will enable them to accurately determine which plants require application and which require removal.

Watch this space for updates in this field!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

30th Birthday

The big news is that Mc Naught and Company have turned 30 - that's 30 years in service to the Bluff, Toti and greater Durban community.

We're very proud of our achievements and our staff - all of them over those years, including our stalwart Val who passed away last year shortly after retiring and Dave's mom Molly who is well into her 80s and still comes to the office to help out where needed in Conveyancing.

Thank you sincerely also to our loyal clients, associates and friends who have stood by us over these years and help the firm grow to two offices - on the Bluff as well as in Amanzimtoti.

Thanks also to Mark who joined the firm to train for his Articles a number of years ago and who has stayed on as partner and in charge of our Bluff office.

May newsletter published

Friday, January 23, 2015

Bird's eye view

Here's a bird's eye view, or more accurately, pilot's eye view of our Amanzimtoti office seen from 500ft. The photo was taken by Durban Skyye Flight School from a microlight aircraft whilst training. In the second photo our partner Dave Mc Naught, who is also a part-time Instructor and pilot at the flight school.

The tri-angular building is our Amanzimtoti office

Law partner Dave Mc Naught is also a pilot and flying Instructor

Dave trains students for their NPL pilot's licence in the flight school Sling fixed-wing aircraft

Beautiful photo of Durban's Stadium seen from 1000ft at the wingtip of  the Sling aircraft

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guy admitted as Attorney

Congratulations to Guy Hankinson, our articled clerk, who was admitted to practice as an Attorney of the High Court today. Guy served articles at Mc Naught and Company and was ably trained by Mark and Dave, partners of the firm, passing his admission exams last year.

Guy is seen here with his Dad and wife and partner Dave for the swearing in ceremony before the two judges of the High Court at Pietermaritburg.