Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dave's Birthday again...

It seems the year has flashed by again and it is Dave's Birthday again.

Most of the day was spent supervising the Guesthouse building alterations Dave co-owns and then a nice home cooked roast with mom, Llewellyn and the kids.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interest rates down ,5% - now 10,5%

August saw another 1/2% dip in the mortgage interest rates now down to 10,5%.

This is great news for home owners or anyone with mortgage or other finance from the banks.

It also means that the affordability level for mortgage bonds will have reduced and more people will now qualify for a home loan.. this helps the property market and will help boost confidence in the market which dived to an all-time low when rates shot up over the past 18 months.

New Market optimism

With optimism growing in the property market, the Banks are embarking on new measures to lend money again.

At the forefront, Standard Bank is launching on the 1st October its new 100% loan deal and slashing registration costs by up to 50%.

This is good news for property buyers who are looking for some good deals to help clinch their sales. Ask for Mc Naught and Company when registering your next mortgage loan.
A High Court case finalized this week draws attention to the importance of obtaining initials to any alteration to a sale contract. If the seller makes any changes to a buyer’s offer and these changes are not initialed (ie accepted in writing by the signature of the buyer) even if his conduct afterwards appears to show acceptance, the contract was effectively a counter-offer by the seller and is void.

This week’s case endorsed a claim for cancellation of the sale by a buyer with the prospect of voiding the Agent’s commission claim and allowing the buyer a full refund of the purchase price paid. BE WARNED!

Images for the Bluff Office

Tired of looking for some suitable artwork to fit in with the new office decor, Dave has decided to make up his own art. Here are some of the images that he will be using to print onto glass.. you will see the finished product on the walls soon....

Out with the old, in with the new

While times are still tough, we're renovating at Mc Naught and Company Bluff to give you a fresh look, new styles and mod design.. ready to take on the world as the property market improves.
In the photos, from top, the new carpet being fitted, middle photo Mark leathers gives painter Moses instruction on the stair area and below our reception counter prepares to make way for the new dark beech furniture which arrives tomorrow.
What this space for the transformation.