Monday, February 28, 2011

Supporting Our Team

Dave, Mark and his fiance Lisa were guests of Express Pest Control and Fumigation at the Sharks 26-12 victory over the Blues in Durban on Saturday. We are all proudly Sharks!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's the end of our financial year

The end of February marks the end of our financial year and the 1st March 2011 is Mc Naught and Company's 27th birthday - next week we enter our 28th year. Wow! Well done all.

Enjoying a drink at the office are staff Val and Tracey-Lee with partners Mark and Dave and Re/Max Jaco and Gail.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Major Boost for the Property Market

At last!

A change to the transfer duty payable on purchases of new property!

All sales of immovable property where no VAT is payable will be subject to transfer duty at the following rates:

R0 to R600,000.00           -    No transfer duty payable
R600,000.00 to R1 mill     -    Transfer duty calculated at 3%
R1 000 001 to R1.5 mill    -    Transfer duty calculated at 5%
Above R1.5 mill                -    Transfer duty calculated at 8%

Therefore a buyer purchasing a property for R1 million today will save R13,000.00 compared to if they had purchased the property before this change! The duty for purchases by Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts has also been reduced to equate to that of natural persons. You can download your full costs table here.

Mc Naught and Company are completely up to speed on the new budget and can advise you on how these changes will affect you. Contact us now!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Consumer Protection Seminars 9 and 16 March

Book Now for our new Consumer Protection Act Seminar to help you get ready for the implementation of the Act on the 1st April 2010.

The Seminar is a hands-on Seminar dealing with your particular Real Estate Sales and Mandate documents to ensure compliance in time for the implementation of the Act.

There will be two morning seminars, one on Wed 9th March and the other a week later on Wed 16th March. Those participating are invited to email their sales and mandate documents to Dave who will present the Seminar with partner Mark and we will work on updates to the documents which will be discussed in further detail at the Seminar. - email address for your documents.

Bookings for either Seminar can be made by phone on 031-9037307 or fax 031-903-6150 or email to The cost is R50 per delegate which includes Welcome coffee/cake and lunch at 1pm.

You can download the Booking Form by clicking on the link here.


February Newsletter published

Transfer and Bond costs table effective 23 Feb 2011

We have updated the Transfer and Bond Costs table to take account of the reduction in Transfer Duty effective 23rd February 2011. Click on the link here to get your own copy of the new table.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Having a great time

Mc Naught and Co partners Mark and Dave with Trainee Attorney Patrick (Toti office)at our Flying Start Cocktail function at the Bluff office last night.
 Danielle, Ann, Trish and Rob of Seeff Bluff

Dale of Express Pest Control puts up a brave face after his injury

  Estelle, Ronel, Amanda and Kevin from Acutts Bluff

Bobby, Llewellyn and Pat
More fun at the More fun at the Bluff Office party!! Thanks to BeanBagBohemia for the superb catering at our "Flying Start Cocktails" function to kick off 2011 with a bang and welcome Mark who joins Dave as a partner at Mc Naught and Company.

Barry and Hettie Nel (Re\Max Bluff)
Ashvir and Jacqui from Betterbond together with Bobby
Tracey from Mc Naught and Company together with Jacqui from Betterbond
Tracey-lee, Sharon and Val

Llewellyn and Val (Bluff bonds)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's a party

The crazy bunch from Mc Naught and Co - Molly, Val, Bobby, Patrick, Dave, Sharon, Mark and Tracey-Lee

Ronel and Estelle of Acutts Bluff with Llewellyn

Danielle, Trish and Rob of Seeff Bluff

Lorraine and Dee of Eagle Estates with Dave's Mom Molly (centre)

It was the Bluff office party and an opportunity for staff to socialise and meet with some of our "old" friends and associates... it's been a while since we have had a party at the Bluff, preferring our new Toti offices for this purpose. But Bluff is our main office so it was great to see our local friends.

In the top photo are our staff complement Molly, Val, Bobby, Patrick, myself (Dave), Sharon, Mark and Tracey-Lee. We are joined (second photo) by Ronel, Estelle and Llewellyn, and 3rd photo by Rob and his girls from Seeff. In the 4th photo Lorraine and Dee from Eagle Estates join Dave's Mom Molly who works part-time at the Bluff office since she retired from her full-time job there several years ago.