Thursday, June 26, 2014

Property Developments: Emzini Mews and Cupido Gardens

Ivan Pretorius, Property Developer of the Emzini Mews development of 50 units in Athlone Park Mc Naught and Company are handling as conveyancers for the sectionalisation and transfer, took this photo from the air of the completed development.

The Emzini Mews development in Athlone Park.

Cupido Gardens phase 2 is presently under construction
Mc Naught and Company are also processing sales agreements for the developer's 2nd project locally, this one in Woodhurst, Chatsworth.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Mika is a new Attorney and Conveyancer

Congratulations to Mika from our Amanzimtoti office who was admitted to practice as an Attorney and Conveyancer simultaneously on Friday 6 June. The three judges of the full bench of the High Court in Pietermaritzburg enthused that it was unusual for a double admission as both an attorney and conveyancer.  


Mika served her 2 years Articles with Dave and was did both general law training as well as mortgage bonds and property transfers during her articles and then passed both the attorneys admission and conveyancing exams to qualify for the simultaneous admission and dual qualification. 

Mika stays on with Mc Naught and Company at our Amanzimtoti office as a Professional Assistant to the firm. Excellent achievement Mika!!          Mc Naught and Company website

Lease info important for later evictions

Evicting  defaulting tenants can be fraught with difficulty. 

It is important when taking on a new tenant to establish that in the event of them having to move, they have an alternative place to move to - get this is writing at the time the lease is signed as you have to prove this before you can get them evicted, as the courts won’t evict someone who may then be homeless.

Property fraud increasing

Identity theft is one of the problems facing conveyancers where a property seller presents himself as the Owner with corresponding identity documents to pass transfer to a buyer.  The unsuspecting attorneys and buyers effect registration and when the buyers attempt to take occupation they find that the real owner has never sold the property and the fraudulent seller has vamoosed with the proceeds.

Scrutinise documents

Careful scrutiny of identity documents and Fica is critical to help prevent cases like this being successful for the fraudster. Our Toti offices have already thwarted two attempts at fraud in this way.

June newsletter published

Our June newsletter is out.. either click on the image to enlarge and read, or look at the stories above which I will extract from the newsletter and publish here.

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