Thursday, June 26, 2008

Agents must apply to display

For the second year running, Cape Town's estate agents and auctioneers must register individually with the municipality for permission to display property marketing boards and directional signage on city council property.
The City of Cape Town announced in a statement on Tuesday that agents and auctioneers will be expected to register from July 1, with all applications due in by July 20.

The city said in its statement that each agent would be required to pay an annual registration fee of R551 and a display fee of R659. Any agent who had not contravened the regulations over the past year would only have to pay the registration fee and R10 for six permit stickers, it said.

Six permit stickers will be issued per agent for 2008/09, which will limit the number of directional signs allowed on council-owned property.During the past year, the city has removed directional boards found with photocopied or counterfeit permit stickers.

Municipal by-laws allow the city to withdraw offending agents' permits, and the city has warned that it would prosecute any agent or auctioneer who used fraudulent stickers.

This perhaps illustrates how other local authorities are applying more restrictive condtions for property advertising and similar rules could soon be seen here too.

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