Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Index of useful Stuff

Access to Information- In terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, you are entitled to obtain information regarding your business dealings with us. Follow the link here to our information brochure and manual download where the procedure to obtain this information is explained.

Authentication of documents - if documents are to be signed outside South Africa for use within a Deeds Office or other official capacity here, the signature of the document/s needs to be "authenticated". This process is explained if you click on the link here then scroll down to the story appearing below it.

Conveyancing Steps- once a sale agreement has been signed, what are the next steps to obtain registration in the buyer's name and payment to the seller. Click on this link to view or download the Conveyancing Steps checklist.

Divorce/Parenting Agreements- The most cost effective way to get divorced, is to reach agreement on the way your property will be divided and to reach agreement on the custody and maintenance of your children. Here you can download sample agreements or if you have reached agreement, we can help you complete these documents and reduce the costs of getting divorced.

Marriage/ANC Contracts- the document you need to sign to give us the required information to register an Antenuptial/ANC or Civil Union contract can be downloaded off our Skydrive - just click on the link and select the ANC contract, either with, or without the Accrual System. If you would like to know more about the different ways to get married, rather follow this link to our website to read more about it or contact our offices for a consultation.

Mortgage bond HELP- Needing help getting a bank loan/mortgage bond to finance your property purchase? Click the link here to find our handy guide.

Sale Agreements- if you want to download a private property sale agreement, click on the link and chose the PRIVATEW.SAL document off our Skydrive which can be downloaded and printed out free of charge.

Will- a free will can be downloaded off our Skydrive - just click on the link and select the will.

Click on any clickable title or red word to go to the required link.

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