Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions?

Property Law
How much will it cost me to transfer a property into my name?
The transfer costs depend on the value of the property. If you click on this link to our website, we have a handy calculator that will give you a good idea of the costs, including some "hidden" costs that other firms may not warn you about in advance, but which will be required to be paid, such as rates or levies, or Vat.
How do I go about getting a bank loan to finance my property purchase?
If you are buying through a Real Estate Agent, they will generally be able to assist you in getting bank finance. Here is a link to our guide on getting a mortgage loan, an affordability calculator and repayment calculator, and with links to the banks and mortgage originators we deal with who will also gladly help you. You can print out these calculations, email them or sms them to yourself or others, free of charge.

This posting is under construction and we will be building up a list of the questions we most frequently encounter, with our best stab at a response :-) For this purpose we have created a separate website for this collection of questions, adding to it from here onwards.

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