Saturday, September 01, 2012

Live Attorney Help on your website

In addition to launching our new Attorney LIVE Chat facility this past week, there is also a need to answer a range of questions that frequently come up when dealing with buyer and sellers of property, or if renting a property.
We have come up with a new specialised website for this - here is the link - which is under construction as we add these Frequently Asked Questions to the list. If a client's question cannot be handled in this way, the LIVE chat feature will enable them to get immediate answers.
Both facilities will complement each other and we will be extending the facility to anyone who wants this feature on their own website or blog. For those who are able to do some basic programming, simply add this link
To your webpage or blog and we will be ONLINE on your website too.
It's the smart way to do business and bring an attorney online for the benefit of your clients. The service is free, and our answers to your questions free,  but should any of the questions lead to legal work being necessary, you will be quoted should you want some action taken. The service is principally designed around property work, as our firm specialises in property registrations. We would like to be your attorneys of choice when next you buy or sell residential or commerical property, vacant land, or sectional title flats or developments. Check out our full services on our website at

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