Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinosaurs live!

My Mom (left) turns 80 today and she is still working part-time at Mc Naught and Co. Incredible.
Mom joined Mc Naught and Co as our conveyancing para-legal after a high-powered career with SA Breweries in Johannesburg and when she moved to Durban, Clements and Johnson Attorneys.

Mom worked tirelessly for me at the Bluff office until she retired in her 60s and re-located to my brother's smallholding in Johannesburg. She lived there for over 5 years until he sold up and emigrated to New Zealand. Mom and Gordon then returned to Durban to be closer to her family and friends and re-joined Mc Naught and Co in a part-time capacity, but coming to work 3 mornings a week, which she has been doing through her 70s, now reaching the milestone age of 80!

Mom aka Molly and Val (right) who heads up our bonds department at the Bluff office are living proof that dinosaurs did exist many moons ago. Well done to the 2 old ducks for keeping the office incredibly efficient for so many years - our oldest and loyal employees!! 

 Thanks Mom for your incredible hard work and commitment to my business over all of these years. Have an awesome birthday today and party with your family and friends on Sunday.

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